Comments from staff

Comments from students

Thank you for providing such an interesting and fun course; one of the best I have attended.


HLTA comment following SMHS health & safety training




Isla contacted me via our Head of Year 9 and the organisation of the day and communication was superb. The team were both very efficient in that they brought everything in themselves to deliver the session, which made my job a lot easier! All I had to supply was a white screen for their powerpoint to be projected onto. It was a pleasure to meet Isla and Rhys, who were extremely friendly towards staff and pupils. They had an extremely positive response from the pupils because of their friendliness and delivery of the session. The pupils were engaged straight away, as rather than just stand and tell them the information, they were immediately hooked by a task involving probability. You could tell they wanted to know where this was leading and really took all of the information on board. All feedback from the pupils was positive and encouraging and I'd definitely consider booking with them again.

Learning for Life Co-ordinator, following a TSS presentation




” I have thoroughly enjoyed the course today, which actually did not feel like a course at all. It was relaxed and easy to follow, but also the realistic view points from Rhys were extremely informative. I will definitely be signing up for more courses”.


“Thank you, It was a really good session. I think it was useful to everyone. Since I have attended many sessions (from other providers) I know it is a very good one and covered many areas in a classroom situation, thanks again “


“Brilliant, Inspiring, put my mind at rest about a few things I was worried about. Left me extremely excited about my career in teaching”

Cover supervisors and supply teachers


"Thank you for the excellent safety training you provided for us at our school, it was comprehensive, informative and delivered in an enjoyable and easy to follow manner."

Head of faculty, Health and safety training.



"Really excellent, looking forward to using some ideas" "Thanks for an informative day" "Very useful and enjoyed the day"

Staff inset, Being an effective form tutor



"Ithaca are a dream to work with, very organised and pro-active with the students. The presentation on British Values really managed to bring the topic to life, it was informative, interactive and fun and got all students engaged from the start. Thank you Ithaca".

Head of year 8, referring to a tutorial session



"I was impressed with how you brought all of your own resources and equipment for the presentation session, this reduces the preparation required by the school"

Head of year 12, referring to a tutorial session



"The training I received on health and safety was highly interesting, informative and very useful. It will be invaluable in the design technology classroom environment. I found it was the most worthwhile training I've ever undertaken, thank you Rhys!"

Teaching assistant referring to SMHS course.


Rhys and Isla recently presented a revision and exam busting session for students and parents in Years 8 and 9. This is the first time students in these year groups have undertaken formal exams and there was a need to give them advice as well as to motivate and set them and their parents at ease about the process. 

These objectives were very much met via an engaging presentation that was well planned, visually stimulating and well delivered, with the appropriate mix of purpose and humour. Students and parents thoroughly enjoyed working together on the different techniques and had a range of strategies on which to work at home.

The presentation worked so well because it was tailored, personalised and thoroughly well organised.

I look forward to working with Rhys and Isla again in the near future.

Assistant Headteacher, Wyedean School and Sixth Form Centre



“I attended the day course for BS4163 Health & Safety for DT in Schools. As a Learning  Mentor I found the course extremely informative and interesting it was delivered in an informal manner which made it easier to engage.


Actually making a product whilst going through the processes and equipment  used as well as the  Health and Safety issues involved made it easier to understand and worked really well.


Also knowing  there would be a completed product to take away with at the end of the day was really motivating.


I know this will make me far more effective when supporting students within the workshop.


A great day”


Learning Mentor referring to SMHS course

“Interesting because we could get involved”

“Very Engaging”, “Good interactive games”

“Fun making our own business”

“Different from most education talks”


Student comments from Newport High School, Welsh baccalaureate sessions





"Really useful and has got me thinking about setting up my own business"


"Kept everyone entertained"


"Very eye opening and interactive"



Year 12 students, following a starting your own business  session




  • The session allowed me to have a clear understanding of how to cope with stress levels. Remember SOAR!!!


  • Was really helpful. I love SOAR!


  • I learnt that stress affects your ability to revise and learn.


Year 11 students, following a exam preparation session




  • Very informative. Made a serious topic more light hearted.

  • Very useful session learnt how to self-check. Really useful to know how to check breasts and know specific symptoms. Really clear presentation / talk.

  • I feel this session has been extremely helpful. I never knew how to check my breasts and I am glad I now do. Also the facts about the cancers were helpful as it really shows us how important it is to check. Thank you.

6th form students, following a self checking health tutorial


“I liked the fact that everyone was involved”

“I’ve enjoyed finding out where people are from”

“I enjoyed completing the sheets that made you think about yourself and what you do”

“I enjoyed this lesson as it was fascinating”

“I enjoyed the clip about tolerance”

“I enjoyed relating the British Values to games to help understand them”

“I’ve enjoyed learning about the four values, I didn’t know about them before”.


Year 8 students, following a tutorial session



"Lots of fun, but still challenging"

"Haven't done anything like it before"

"Combined race with logic/problem solving"

"Doable but challenging and needing teamwork"

"It's funny when it goes wrong, everyone works together to create something as well as solving questions"

"It was the most fun, involved working a a team"

"It was fun and character building"


Sixth form students, following a team building day