A 'hands on' approach

To enable staff working in Design and Technology to complete training and hold up to date certificates in line with British Standard 4163:2014, the D&TA provide a variety of training courses.


It is my aim to deliver enjoyable and effective training courses. As a Registered Design & Technology Health & Safety Consultant (RDTHSC) I am able to provide accredited training on a wide variety of tools and equipment used within schools. 


I can deliver training at your school or from training centres in Bristol and Cardiff. 

I have written a letter to outline the structure of the D&TA courses I provide, along with costs. It is intended as a starting point for you Click here to download a copy. I look forward to hearing from you.


Certificate areas range from the Core standards to the Specialist Extension Levels for equipment recognised as high risk.

I am able to deliver the following courses as either initial training or refresher training (for people who have completed initial training within the last 5 years).


PHS - These are standards set to support staff in primary schools to effectively teach D&T.

SFHS - The H&S in Food course covers the H&S implications of teaching and working with food in the context of schools. Level 2 food Hygiene can also be delivered. 

STHS - The textiles course covers the H&S implications through hands on training using sewing machines, over lockers and embellishers. Heat processes using heat press, irons, soldering irons and batik. This is typically a single full day course. 

SCHS - These are the core standards which DATA recommend as the base line point for all Design and Technology teachers.

SMHS - This qualification covers the  workshop tools which are used on a frequent basis by students and staff at KS3 and above. DATA recommend this qualification for all D&T teachers and support staff. This qualification is also an effective way of providing training for teaching assistants.

S1HS – Wood sawing machines (Band saw, Circular saw, Radial arm/chop saw)

S2HS – Centre Lathe for metal cutting

S4HS – Metal arc welding

S5HS – Oxy acetylene welding

S6HS – Milling and machining machines

S7HS – Wood turning Lathe

S8HS – Planner Thicknesser machines

S9HS – Portable Power Tools (Router, table router, Portable circular saw, reciprocating saw, angle grinder, biscuit cutter, portable planer)

S10HS – Grinding and sharpening, including the changing of abrasive wheels. 


Please feel free to contact me to discuss your specific training requirements and I shall provide a no obligation bespoke plan for you. 

tel: 07925 212339 or email: rhys@practicaltrainingltd.co.uk


1. Select the course areas or equipment you require training for. 

2.Decide how many people require training. 

3. Check the 'bookable courses' section for forthcoming courses


Contact me for a no obligation quote for training in your setting.

Primary school training includes risk assessments and skills with equipment