Approach the curriculum in a creative way. 

Staff training

-Would you like to explore practical ways to deliver the curriculum, inc literacy and numeracy, to the disengaged? 

A simple plan for training

D&T coordinators - The  accredited training course 'Primary Health and Safety'' (PHS) covers the systems and procedures needed to create an effective D&T structure in your school. Practical outcomes are also made during this course to use a teaching aids.

Teachers - Skills based courses allow you to develop techniques and safe practice through creating projects in ways appropriate for young learners, skill courses include:-

  • wood work

  • textiles

  • structures

  • plastics

  • electronics

completing these skills courses

enable staff to build a portfolio

of recognised training. 

Professional development for staff

To develop your skills with techniques and tools we offer a variety of sessions designed to support staff in approaching the curriculum in a creative way. 

Sessions can be designed to develop your existing skills or get you up and running with techniques you have never previously done. 

Sessions include:-

- Green screen filming

- Ways to generate ideas for stories

- Encouraging storytelling

-Bringing textiles into the classroom

- Ways to use wood and textiles to approach numeracy

-Using programable microchips

CPD sessions for a group of staff start at

                                       £195  for a half day

                                      £300 for a full day